Book of the Week-The Train to Timbuctoo

We've looked at another book by Margaret Wise Brown before, and she has another hit with this weeks book:

The Train to Timbuctoo by Margaret Wise Brown and Illustrated by Art Seiden.
This book is another favorite, especially for those older toddlers. First, let's look at the illustrations. Art Seiden has a style that is recognizably his; and it's great! Very charming for the children's books. The bright pictures draw the children into the story and keeps them waiting at the edge of their seats.
The story itself is great! Very repetitive (which is something we always look for when choosing books for toddlers). Any child who enjoys trains is going to love this story. Any child who loves repetition is going to love this story.
I picked up this book when I had a child obsessed with trains. By obsessed I mean that he, at 18 months, could tell you about every type of car on a train, about the different modes of movement (steam, electric, etc...) and would pick out the train book to read. When I got tired of reading one particular book over and over, I went to the store in search for more train books. This is one of the many that I picked up. This ended up being his favorite! And, it is one of my favorite transportation books. A must have for any classroom.
Again, there are no pictures of the author or illustrator. While I couldn't find one of the illustrator, here is Margaret Wise Brown:

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