Dinosaur Curriculum

Okay, I bunch of you have been searching and asking for some Dinosaur Curriculum. So, here are my five best ideas:

1. I have talked before about the sensory table and an archaeological dig. This is always fun!

2. Of course there is my favorite song. This is great fun to act out, use at transition times, or just to sing together. My favorite time to use in transition is getting ready for lunch. It gives plenty of time between each child to go potty, get their hands washed, put out their blanket, and sit down for lunch. This doesn't work if the children are going from one activity to line up and wait for everyone. They wait in line way too long!

3. I also love to have the children see how big dinosaurs actually were! Find the measurements for dinosaurs. There are so many different types and sizes I can't begin to give you links. You'll have to look those us. But once you get those lengths, measure them out on the playground. Use chalk and draw a line on the sidewalk or wall to show the length. You can also use yarn, but make sure you attach is securely so it doesn't come undone and trip people up. Have the children lay head to toe to show how long they actually are. Another way is to have them stand with their hands wide spread. Mark along the line how many children it took to measure the different dinosaurs. Make sure to post pictures of the dinosaurs you choose to use to show how tall they were.

4. You can do the same with the weight, in a way. This takes more math for the bigger dinosaurs, so stick to some smaller ones. Using a picture of the dinosaur, find out how much that dinosaur weighed. Then, weigh all the children. You'll have to add them all up; unless you have a really big scale! Take a picture of the groups of children that equal the weight of the dinosaur and post it underneath the picture.

5. Sorting dinosaurs by type (land, water, flying, meat eater, plant eaters, etc...). Have pictures or play dinosaurs and let the children sort them. Even better: help the children make a land area in the block area or on any expanse that can be left out where they can put the dinosaurs accordingly in the areas.


JK said...

Great blog! I love the idea of the dino size on the playground, my boys have been trying to do the solar system on our street...

Jenni said...

The solar system is so much more diffucult than dinosaurs for sure. Especially if you want to get it somewhat to scale; it next to impossible! But fun to try.