New Cameras

We just got new cameras for the entire center. The Kodak Easyshare C813. They are fabulous. I had a few criteria that I wanted before we bought them:
1. They had to be able to take photo and video
2. They needed to be able to zoom from a distance so as not to disturb children's play.
3. They need to be easy to use for those "technically challenged" teachers.
That was about it. And this one does all those things. With the card that we put in to the camera, we can get 25 minutes of video. That's fabulous. We use pictures and videos to document what the children have accomplished developmentally. When we do the assessments, we can go back to these photos and videos to verify what we are marking down as an accomplishment. It's great!
These cameras have proven to be very user friendly with the teachers. The pictures we print out are fabulous as well; and we use a black and white copy machine to print them out. We decided not to invest in a color printer because we really only need the photos for the children's files. However, when we have pictures we want to display, we can easily go to the store and print them out. These have been great. We'll see it they stand the test of time.
I figure with one camera per classroom, they really should stick around for a while.

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