Favorite song

I just realized I have yet to give you a great circle time song! I think that I will try and make a regular posting on songs for the classroom. We always need new creative ideas right? So, here is my kids absolute favorite song. It's a counting song and is loud and soft all at the same time. So here it is:

5 dinosaurs sleeping on the cave floor (hold up5 fingers and speak very softly)
They woke up and started to ROAR! (stretch like you're waking up and ROAR LOUDLY!)
There's no more room (point finger and move it back and forth)
No more no more (continue wagging finger in the air)
There's no more room on this cave floor (point to floor)
So they tossed (roll arms in front of you)
And they turned (roll arms opposite way in front of you)
And they pushed galore! (push hands out in front of you)
And 1 dinosaur rolled out the cave door. (hold up one finger then roll arms again)

Continue until you get to 1:
1 dinosaur sleeping on the cave floor
He woke up and started to cry
He missed his dinosaur friends
So he goes to the cave door and shouts!
"Dinosaur friends! Come back!"
Then all the dinosuars rolled back into the cave and...
They all went to sleep.

The children love the last verse! The one's who actually remember after a few times get proud that they can remember that it changes! This is a huge hit!
This is also a great song to act out. Have 5 children stand in front of the group. The "actors" love it because they get to roll across the floor.
I have also succefully used this as a transition song dismissing the children from circle. I change the last line to say "and Rosy dinosaur rolled out the cave door." The child then rolls out of circle and then goes to an activity or whatever is next (hand washing for lunch, skill builder time, outdoor time, etc...). It's a great transition activity.

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