Book of the Week-Whistling Thorn

As I am putting books into my data base at LibraryThing, I ran across The Whistling Thorn by Helen Cowcher. I found it very fascinating. It's a perfect story that shows how things in nature adapt to protect itself and survive. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous! It feels like you are right there in Africa watching what is happening.
This would be a great book to read with one or two children quietly. Those children who may just need a little bit of personal attention. You could present this at circle time as well, discussing what kinds of things they see that could be a form of adapting. Even if you just have this book available for the children to look at leisurely, it will definitely be a fabulous addition to your classroom.
BONUS: Her picture is on the back cover! So, I will leave you with a link to her web page. Maybe you could find some more things to add to tell the children about her.

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