How do you help them

It was 7 years ago today, but the children today are still effected by this day. It was long before they were born. Long before they were even thought of into existence. But our children are still effected by the horrific events of 7 years ago.

Do you bring it up in class? No, they're only 4. But be aware of their behaviors. The events are played on television over and over again. They will see the actions and events of that day. Over and over it's played. Radio stations rehash the events all day. They will see things and hear things that take a bit of their innocence away.

You will see children replaying the events in the block area. Don't get mad, don't get hurt, DON'T stop them. Help them through what they saw and are trying to work out. Talk about how they are safe now. Talk about how their parents and you, their teacher, are there to protect them.

Talk to them about how important it is to be an American. And, most of all, appreciate them a little more today. Give them that extra hug that we all need today. And, for those who have parents who are in the military, be sure and send home a thank you to them. Make them cookies, write a letter, let them know how much they mean to us. They are giving us our freedom.

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