Birthdays in the classroom

Today is as good a day as any to discuss this. (I say that because today is my birthday) Many times I get the question or discussion or inquiries about how to celebrate a child's birthday in the classroom.

I'm mean, I know it, I don't! Well, what I do is have that child bring in their favorite book to share with the classroom. If the parents can afford it, I encourage them to donate a copy of this book to the center's library. This way we increase our center's library and recognize a child on "their day".

If a parent wants to bring in cupcakes...NO! Okay, I don't shout it at them, but I don't allow this. Besides that we are on the federal food program and have to maintain healthy meals, the children really don't eat much of the sugary sweets as it is. If they insist on bringing in something, I tell them they have to bring in something healthy. Here are some great choices:
  • apples and peanut butter. The children LOVE this snack.
  • Fruit bars. They must be 100% fruit juice, but this is a welcome treat on a hot summer day
  • Trail mix. Another favorite
  • Celery and cream cheese/peanut butter.

What's even better, is if I can convince the parent to come in and do a cooking project with the children. If they really want their child to have something special for snack, they can come in and join us and help prepare it with the class. This is even better. What I tell the parents to convince them (and I truly believe it) is this, "You want to do something special for your child that recognizes them on their day and that they will remember as being special? Come spend time with them in the classroom. Make that special snack with them or read a favorite book to the class or just spend some time playing a game outside with them."

Almost every time, that convinces them. It's not about sending in cupcakes; it's about making them feel special. What's more special than getting to share your classroom with your mom/dad? Or sharing your mom/dad with your friends? The children love this the most of all; and it is really an eye-opener for the parents. They get to see what the classroom is all about.

So, what do you do with children on their birthdays?

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