Wind toys

An update on our wind chimes. When we first talked about them, I had ordered a wind kit from a catalog; then we went to the dollar store and purchased two more. Well, the dollar store one's didn't last more than two weeks; I really didn't expect much out of them. However, they are still on the playground. They do make some great decorations that the children do enjoy to look at and touch and explore.

The chimes have long broken off, but the flying birds and stars are still hanging from them and they are a place of interest to the children.

We have also included many other windsocks and mobiles to hand from the trees. The children do take great interest in them and we find them touching them, spinning them, blowing on them, and talking about them throughout the day.

Because of this great interest, one of the classrooms is doing projects with the children to make their own wind toys and explore with different materials that will work.

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