Caterpillar Crawl

This has been at the center for longer than I have been there. When I first got there about 2.5 years ago, it was sitting in the front yard where no one played with it. About a year and a half ago, the two's teacher hosed it down and brought it to her yard. It is now a favorite!
Except for the pieces that were taken from it by the local skaters in the neighborhood (why they want plastic caterpillar feet is beyond me). But, the children love it. It's a great place to dig quietly by yourself, get away from the noise of the classroom, and just hang out with friends.
As they get older (more towards the young 3 age) they begin the pretend play of turning it into a car and sitting on top of it to "drive" to the store. It's very versatile and very sturdy. The color arches can also be rearranged so you can make the tunnel a winding one or one curve. The holes in the side make it easy for a teacher to supervise what's going on in there easily. The holes also make it easy for the children to climb right up to sit on top. We've only had a few children who have tried standing on it, but they were the type to stand on top of the monkey bars a year later as well, so I could say that it isn't much thought to standing on top.
It easily hold the weight of the teachers who play right along with the "rides" to the store; so it's sturdy! It is worth the money spent and has lasted quite a while.

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