New things

I am starting a new position at work starting July 1st. I will become a trainer for the agency. I am so excited about this opportunity. It's going to be great! I love helping teachers become better teachers; and that is exactly what this job is about!

I will be training teachers in groups through workshops, one-on-one, and everything in between. I will be able to help teachers who have challenging children in their classrooms and work through those troubles. As a teacher, wouldn't you love to have someone you can call and turn to who is unbiased and can help you through a challenging behavior? Someone you can call on and say, "we had a very difficult day, I tried this and this like you said, but it didn't work. now what?" Many times teachers are afraid to go to their supervisors in these situation because they think they will look incompetent; but as a trainer, my only purpose is to help you through it.

Do you have trouble making your lesson plans meet your DRDPs? Well, we are going to implement a "lesson plan tutoring" session. This will be a time for me to look over the lesson plans and help to improve them and take them to the next level. Wouldn't you love to have someone who can look at your plan, be completely non-judgemental, and help you figure out how it will fit into the classroom and assessment?

If you had a trainer at your place, what would you like to see?

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