Book of the Week-From Head to Toe

From Head to Toe by Eric Carle is a fabulous book for all ages, but especially toddlers. This is an active book that encourages movement. It works systematically through the body from the head down to the toes moving different parts with a different animal on each page.

This books give the children the opportunity to increase their vocabulary in many ways: words on movement: turn, bend, kick, wiggle, wave, etc... words that label: monkey, giraffe, donkey, and many other animals. body parts: head, arms, legs, knees, toes, and many more. This is one of the ways that the book is great for toddlers.

Another great thing is the movement. Children do the actions as you read; you can't stop it, they just do! It's engaging and gets the children up and moving. Now, some teachers have commented that they either skip the donkey or stop the children from doing the movement. I don't! I can teach the children awareness of their peers as well as the space around them. How much space do you need so you don't kick a classmate? Be careful. I warn them before I turn the page: "Okay, make sure you have enough space and watch your feet." I haven't had a kicked face yet!

The pictures are typical for Eric Carle; and I think that's something else the children love. A definite must in any toddler classroom. A great book for those days that the children in ANY room just can't settle in.

And here is the author, Eric Carle

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