Dramatic Play Clothes Rack

We have had this clothes rack for a while; we actually have two of these in different classrooms. We used to have three. Why are we down one? Because it was not well made and was unstable and just in general bad shape. It is nice to have for the children to be able to put the dramatic play clothes on, but I could probably have a dad make one for us that would be much sturdier. The two that we have left are just about ready to go as well. I would prefer to get a sturdier rack. If I had ordered these (which I didn't), I would have gone to the store to get them. I have seen some much better quality ones at IKEA, Target, and even Walmart for about the same amount of money (even less).
I am very big on getting parents to volunteer and help out in the classroom; so I would have actually asked one of our handymen dads to build us one of these. I can promise you, the parents put so much effort into these projects it will last longer than anything in the center.

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