Back, hopefull on track

It was so great to see so many people at the CAEYC conference this weekend (plus all the people who attended my workshop). I really enjoyed the group that joined me in my Conflict Resolution workshop. We had some great dialogue going on; and I hope I got you all excited about making some positive changes to how you view conflict resolution. I am already planning on next year's workshop ideas. Vote on the side panel here for what you would like to see.
I am thinking of doing a Friendship training. This is one that I have done with my center staff and others with a lot of success. We talk about Friendships in the classroom, recognizing friendships, and encouraging children to respect each other even when they aren't "friends". It's one of my favorite topics.
I am also considering doing my Art in the Child Centered Classroom. This is where we talk about all the fun art activities (not craft activities) that can be added to the classroom. This one is fairly hands on and draws a lot of your own creativity. You'll walk away with a lot of ideas for your classrooms and curriculum with this one.
This I am thinking about a training on enriching your curriculum. This talks about how to include dancing, cooking, board games, and other activities into your group and curriculum. Sometimes we have the best intentions, but we don't know how to incorporate these things into the classroom.
So, what do you think? Are there other trainings you would like to see?

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Barbara said...

Hey Jenni, your workshop was great! I am working starting to bring in some of the ideas you had at your workshop. I would love to see your training on Friendship. I'll look for it next year!