Take a ride on a roller coaster

Here is something that I never would have bought myself. However, when I came to this center that I am at, it was already here. The car was also missing. So, essentially, this sat in the toddler yard taking up space, not being used. Occasionally the children would walk along it, maybe even push each other down it; but that was about all. Finally, the teacher removed it from the yard and it took up space in the shed. For the price that was payed for it, I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of it...and I'm glad I didn't.

This past week, my preschool teachers decided to set it up in their yard. Something new to explore with and see what they children would come up with. Well, it turns out that we have some larger hard plastic trucks (something that is about this size, but it's more of a flatbed type truck). These trucks are perfect for a creative preschool class to take up to the top and ride on down. They are working out gravity and other science concepts like inertia, force, all that fun stuff. They are getting the smaller cars and racing them down, different size balls and rolling them down and up as well! They are doing so much exploring with this ramp, it almost makes it worth the money.

Don't get me wrong, I still would never buy this piece of equipment. I think it is completely unnecessary and takes up too much space. However, now that the preschoolers have found a productive use for it, I am glad we have it around.

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