Book of the Week-Purple Hair, I Don't Care.

Purple Hair? I Don't Care! by Dianne Young is a fabulous book! Barbara Hartmann's paintings definitely add to the book. The story begins as soon as you open it. However, this book is not just about the pictures. The words are what makes it. It is a book that is repetitive with it's phrases. The children will be able to quickly "read along" with you. The surprise ending makes this so great. The first time I read this to a class, I don't finish it. We go to the table and draw pictures of what we think this baby will look like. The next day, we read it again (yes I leave them in suspense for a full day). They are all surprised to see a dragon in the end. But, they love it! Lakeshore used to have a story puppet that goes with the book. If you were lucky enough to get it before they stopped using it, I bring it out about the third day. You can easily memorize this story. It's one long poem really. I pull out the story puppet and recite the story for the children. The puppet then goes into the library area for them to explore. Of course, the book gets added to the library as well. This is a story that lasts for weeks, if not months, in the classroom. I highly recommend it gets added to your lesson plan.

Again, there are no pictures of the author or illustrator on this book, so here you go:

Dianne Young

Barbara Hartmann

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