Curriculum Ideas- Cornstarch and colors

Most of us know that there is great fun to be had in mixing cornstarch and water. Is it a liquid? A solid? What is it? You can roll it into a ball and it will immediately melt in your hand if you stop rolling it. For those of us brave enough, we have even put it in long trough like trays filled with the stuff and let the children "walk on water" in their bare feet. It's great! However, it took someone telling me of this great idea for me to go "Aha! Another great use!"
So, take some cornstarch...the more the better. Make a big mountain in the middle of the sensory table with it. Then fill spray bottles with primary colors (blue, red, and yellow). I usually fill six, but three is okay. Then, let the children go at it! They can spray the colored water on the cornstarch and it will mix the colors. What's great is that, when they are done, there is a sensory table full of something fun to play with. For some reason, not everything mixes right away as well and you end up with a somewhat fascinating color mixed concoction.

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