Worth the price

Whether you are a teacher in the classroom or an administrator in the office, there is one supply that everyone uses: a stapler. I recently got this one. Yes, it's a bit more than a standard simple stapler, but it is worth the money. It's not a stapler I would put out for the children on their writing desk or anything, but I think that every classroom and office should have one. It is spring loaded so it pushes a powerful punch. Have a thick bunch of papers to staple together? This will do the job! Want to easel art up on the wall? No need to look at bulletin board space, this easily puts staples into the most difficult walls! Unless you are in a totally brick building like mine. It doesn't do brick. But did you really expect that? You can get it in many different colors...I chose green. It's very pretty!
It does have a safety button that sometimes is difficult to work around. It has to be pressed strategically down before it will let a staple go off. So, sometimes it can be difficult; but once you get the hang of it, there are no problems. It can be placed on the desk horizontal like a traditional stapler (and used as such); but it also can be placed vertically and is very comfortable to be used as a hand stapler. The only downfall I have found is when you want to open it to staple into the wall. When opening the stapler, it automatically opens the place that holds the staples and, if you are not careful, staples will come tumbling out; causing the user to have to reload it. When opening the stapler, just be aware of this and hold it upside down when opening and quickly slide the staple lock back in place.
I highly recommend everyone get one of these. I can say I am now spoiled by this stapler and will never purchase a standard stapler again.

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