I was looking through catalogs this morning because it's that time of year we do a curriculum order when I ran across this:

I'm not going to tell you which catalog it was in; however you may have seen it. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but when I see this I think animals in a kennel. It's bad enough that some people in our field look at children as our little puppets who just need to be dealt with. It's things like this that cause others to think what we are doing is wrong. Could you imagine yourself being placed in one of these? It would break my heart to walk into a crib room and see one of these with children actually sleeping in them. Or worse yet, the child who is awake and waiting to be picked up peering sadly out of these bars. I know what someone is going to say "When space is limited, these are perfect. I'm sorry, I would rather give up space than to have these. I would rather have space for only one crib and wash it every time a child wakes up to make space for the next napping infant.

Have you ever walked into a pet store and seen all those little puppies stacked on top of one another? This is what I think of when I see this product. I beg you, please don't buy one of these. We are taking care of human babies. We are supposed to love and nurture them, not just "keep" them; not just take them out to feed and excersize them. This absolutly breaks my heart.

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