Things Homemade Friday-Costumes

The children had a blast with this one! It was real simple. Get a box. We just use the onesthat supplies come in. The best are the boxes from office depot. But the paper towel cases work well too! Cut out two holes for eyes. We found that cutting the holes for the arms, cut it all the way down so the box just rests on the shoulders is better. It was very difficult for the children to get their arms in and out; some of them would get stuck in it. Then you have a panicy 3 year old who can't think clearly and disaster is in the make...plus then they are apprhensive to try it again. Let the children help paint it. If you can get enough boxes, make one for each child. The teacher here had found some colored celophane to use in the eyes. The children really liked this! They had a blast! This lasted for close to a month before it got beyond reparable; by that time the chidlren were ready to move on anyway. They named this costume "Sponge Bob", can you guess why? It was a great project.
Now, the developmental areas: art (for obvious reasons) and dramatic play (again for obvious reasons); but it also had a lot of discussion (lanugage) both while they were making it and while they were playing with it. Conflict resolution was huge at first and of course waiting for your turn.
A great project for home or school!

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