Foam Floor Puzzles

Six years ago I bought a set of foam floor puzzle pieces. They look similar to the ones pictured, however I got mine from Target...on clearance. I bought 2 sets at $3.95 a piece. This is the best bargain I have ever gotten! My initial thought of use for them was as a mat under a sensory table. It worked perfectly. It was easy enough to clean up, and kept the materials right in the sensory table area. It also helped keep the children from slipping when we were using a material that could make the floor slippery (water, bubbles, instasnow, etc...) Snappy stretch wouldn't stick to it like it does in carpets either. Making cleanup real easy.
The next place I used it was under the art easel. This was because the classroom I used it in was wall to wall carpeting. It was perfect for that too! They wipe up real easy. Even dried up paint just chips right off. These puzzle pieces have been through a lot with everything that has been dropped and spilled on them!
Now, they are outside on our patio area for the children to play with. They spend hourse putting them together. Yesterday, on of the 4 year old's made a hopscotch with them! The pieces are easy to manipulate and the are very versatile. I know you probably can't find them for $3.95 anymore, but I would recommend them in the classroom. If for nothing else, use them for the sensory table!

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