Bonus today: what interactions should look like!

I walked into the classroom yesterday and saw this; of course I had to take a picture. This is one of the most awesome sights I see. This is our 3 year old classroom; and it is very typical for me to see this sight. Pictured is my an assistant teacher reading a book with a child. You can see from the picture that she is discussing with the child what is going on. He was actually discussing what he saw on the page and she was pointing to what he was talking about, asking questions to draw more information out of him. The two children in front of her were quietly playing together with domino's (using a math and matching game out of it). She was constantly aware of what they were doing, yet letting them make their own game. She only interfered when they asked her to help out (i.e. "is this 3 or 4" response "let's count together"; or "NO! Miss J, he's putting the wrong ones together" response "tell him 'these two match' and show him how to do it."). As a director, I love walking into this room. The teacher and assistant are always aware of where every child is in the classroom; they are typically on the ground with the children, involved with them in what they are doing; and they easily take each child where they are at developmentally and work from there.
This is not to say my other classrooms aren't doing the same thing, however this is the picture that I got!

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