Saturday Book of the Week-Who Hops?

This week we discuss: Who Hops? by Katie Davis. This is a great book for toddlers and young twos. It is also great for preschoolers, but I mostly use it in the younger classrooms. The bright colors and simple language are engaging. The book has a predictable rhythm, making it easy for a child to join along in the reading. It is also ideal for a young child to be able to "recite" read to others. Katie Davis has done a fabulous job in this, and the follow up "Who Hoots?" I had a toddler class that read this book daily for about 3 months; and after that there were a couple children who kept coming back to it. It is a necessary book to have in a classroom environment; and is great at home as well.

When reading this book, I have the children practice the movements: hopping, crawling, etc... It is not a boring book, and is great fun!

Side note: When I read books in a classroom, I like to find books by the same author and introduce them as such. For example, after we were hooked on Who hops? I brought in Who Hoots? and explained "the same author wrote this book as the one who wrote Who Hops? And yes, my children all know who an author is. I will blog later today, bonus blog, in how I read every book to every child in my classroom. I also try and find a picture of the author to put up so that they can recognize that an author is an actual person, not just a name on a book.

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