Things Homemade Friday-Instasnow

Yes, you can make instasnow in the classroom! How? All you need is a few of these:

That's right, disposable diapers! The instasnow is actually the same thing that is in the diapers. This is a fun science activity in "how things work". Of course, you want to do this with children who are already out of diapers. I knew one teacher who even used diapers as a color mixing activity where the children used dropper and colored water just like on a coffee filter. That's always fun too. The parents get a kick out of it as well. I would, however, be careful of using disposable diapers in a center that is low-income if you have some struggling parents who are currently buying diapers. They may be a bit insulted that they are struggling to buy diapers and you are playing with them. However, if you don't have a child with a baby in the classroom, I would jump all over this art activity.

I would never hesitate to take a few diapers apart to find out what is inside them, however. It's great science.

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