I work in a pretty reputable place that is known for high quality preschool.  I have, for all but 1 year of my career, always worked for state or federally funded programs.  I have found that there is a certain quality than most for-profit centers.

Please note that I said most, not all.  There are some very reputable for-profit centers out there; my husband works for one of them. 

However, especially the large chains, there tends to be a lean towards the PROFIT side of things rather than the CHILD side of things…these are centers that I call day-care.

I don’t work in day-care.  I have never had to care for a day…they seem to care for themselves.  I work in PRESCHOOL, sometimes CHILD care, but NEVER DAY care…you with me?

What I call a day-care are the places that basically have children running around all day with no form of discipline, structure, or quality.

I know that I can easily be called a snob in this realm of thinking…I’m happy to be a snob if it means better quality for our children.

I will also admit, however, that I do have a fault in this snobbery.  I really struggle with interviewing people who have spent significant time working at some of these places that I call day-care. 

Why do I have this snobbery?  Well, history has taught me that there is a reason for my snobbery.

I have, however, also learned to at least take a LOOK past my snobbery.  Occasionally I get VERY surprised!  Today was one of those days.  Having interviewed a person who worked at one of the places I call day-care for more than 10 years, I had an impression that she would have adopted their philosophy with all this time.

It quickly became apparent that she only stayed for one reason which made complete sense to me…I’m glad I can get over my snobbery…I just wish there were places that were better out there for our children.

So, tell me, am I the only snob out there?  Are there any other snobs like me out there?


Maggie said...

I am also a snob! That's why I do child care in my home, because I've been tainted by too many DayCares (I call them playcares) ... I've recently started using the term Dayhome a lot more. I love the idea that my home is also their home during the day. I have a dayhome. So much better than a playcare - where little rugrats run around and play how they want and when they want (and I'm NOT talking about the kids...)

Jenni said...

Yes, I have been to several home centers that are fabulous and several that I wouldn't leave my child at all. In one the children were only allowed to play in a small sunroom all day and not allowed out. They would stand at the sliding glass doorway and stare longingly at the provider for attention as she sat watching tv or surfing the web. The only ones allowed out of that room were the non-mobile infants; but once they began crawling and walking they, too, were banned to this room. Yeah, she isn't licensed anymore.

Barbra Stephens said...

I used to feel this way. I was once told my a well respected college professor never to put daycare experience on a resume because it is glorified babysitting. It wasn't until I went though a traumatic family and financial crisis where I lost my home that I "considered" a home daycare. The women I worked for were not what I expected-and I am ashamed to say I had prejudged them. This was in Vallejo, CA.
I was given a job immediately even though I wasn't needed but based on my need.
The daycares had a network of women that helped me get work and subbed me out to one another to get more hours to help me get on my feet...these are all just kind women who know one another, mind you.
No school would touch me at the time....
What they lacked in my own "early childhood education" they make up for in love, kindness, and good old fashioned common sense.
Something in all my years in many preschools I found that common sense is not so common.
It's unfortunate that so many family daycares get a bad wrap-there are good and bad ones just like anything else.
I am educated, yes. But can I make others feel intelligent?
I have to still be be mindful of that still.
Thanks for reminding me, Jenni.
Great post! It made me remember to be thankful.

Jenni said...


Yes, every once in a while we need a bit of a reminder. Glad I could give it to you.

I know that most people in this field are fabulous people; it's such an awesome field!

Barbra Stephens said...

Ah, as for corporate daycare.
the word CORPORATE and DAYCARE do not
even belong in the same sentence.
Call Michael Moore please....
enough said.