I spent the day interviewing…it was a long day.  You would think that spending the day interviewing would mean that we got a ton of interviews done…you would think wrong.

We have the pleasure of having a very knowledgeable and capable Human Resource person. He has worked hard over the course of the last year getting our agency moving in the right direction to get the best for the children and agency.  This includes the proper interviewing techniques.

Did you know that an interview should last more than AN HOUR? 

I mean, before he trained us on proper interviewing techniques, I would be lucky to get a 30 minute interview. 

Today’s interviews?  AN HOUR AND A HALF!  I kid you not!

The time flew by in each one.  We were very thorough.  We have great people to select from and some difficult decisions to move on with; however, I can say without a doubt that a 90 minute interview is really the best way to find out everything that you should know.

This was an eye-opening experience and I am glad to be continuing on with it.

So, how long do you interview people for?  What was the longest interview you ever had?

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Theresa Milstein said...

I think all teaching-related interviews have been around thirty-minutes, but I've heard that second-stage ones are longer.

When I interviewed for a car insurance company, it took hours. I was spoken to, took a typing test, took a test, and was then put in a room with a phone so I could take mock calls.