In the moment

I have to tell you about the teacher today who stayed completely in the moment with a child and didn’t rush him one bit; even when the rest of the room wanted to rush him.

The children had come in and were getting ready for lunch.  EVERY   SINGLE   CHILD   except for ONE was ready, hands washed, sitting at the tables waiting for little George to come sit down.

George was busy.  Doing what?  Showing his owie (read microscopic mark on his thumb) to the director whose office is off the classroom.

Then he was busy telling her about Sponge Bob.

Then he was busy commenting on the funny faces she can make.

After the end of each topic, she reminded him, “George, you still need to wash your hands so we can start lunch.”

George would look back at her, smile, and turn back around.

Now once did she rush him.  Not once did she get frustrated with him.  She was smiling and delighting in the moment with him.

At one point, the director said, “George, the children are waiting for you to wash their hands.”

He looked back in amazement, turned back around and stated, “They’re waiting for ME!”

That didn’t stop his conversation.  He just enjoyed that fact and continued on.

Eventually, the director convinced him to wash his hands and get to lunch.

NEVER did any of the children show any impatience.  That tells me that they are also used to getting to complete what they need to do as well.

It was a work of art what I got to witness today…every teacher needs to learn to be in the moment.

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