If you’re bored you’re doing it wrong

A friend of mine is volunteering in her daughter’s preschool classroom.  She goes everyday and is pretty much an unpaid aide.  She loves the kids, but hates the job.

Why?  Because, she says, “It is so boring.”

I told her that “if it’s boring than you (and the teachers) are doing it wrong.” I meant that and mean it still.

I have been doing this for 20 years.  I have never, not once, been bored in the classroom; not even during nap time.

During nap time you should be preparing for the afternoon and for the next day, cleaning toys, straightening up cubbies, completing assessments, etc…

The rest of the day, when the children are awake, you should be constantly challenging them.  Sure, you are playing “card games” with them; but are you making the game more challenging for them?

Yes, you are having a tea party in dramatic play; but what are you doing to challenge their thinking and way of doing things.

Yes, there are times that the tasks in the classroom become mundane.  However, NEVER should you be bored. 

If you’re bored, you’re doing it wrong.

If you’re bored, you aren’t challenging the children.

If you’re bored, the children are bored.

I brought a friend of mine with me one day to help out years ago.  She is a waitress.  She is HOPPING on her job.  At the end of the day, she commented, “I could never do it Jen.  I could never do what you do.  You move around more than I do and have to keep your eyes on so much more.  It’s so exhausting what you do!”

Yes, I do it right.  I tell everyone who is in one of my classrooms for the first time; especially those who have never worked in preschool before, that they will be so tired that night they will be in bed by 8 and sleep until morning.

They never believe me until they get home.  The second day they always tell me I was right.  I really mean always.  I have yet to have a person come back and tell me that they weren’t tired at all.

If you’re bored, you’re not doing it right.



jenny said...

I agree. If you are bored then you are really just babysitting the kids, when the job is so much more. I'm mentally exhausted when I get home too - its a job that throws up different challenges minute by minute and really keeps you on your toes. Nup, never bored :)

Jenni said...

Yes! And those "babysitting" really make us have to prove so much harder that what we do is invaluable!

Thanks for stopping by!