Gifts for the Parents

We all do it, right?  We make some sort of little something with the children to give to the parents for the holidays.  I want to caution everyone, however, to make sure that this is a gift from the CHILD and not you.

What I mean by that is that if you are doing the majority of the work, then you better put your name on it.  The handprint with a poem is nice, but then make sure it comes from the child.  Have them choose the colors, reminding them to think about their mom or dad, “Remember this is going to be a gift to them, so you want to think about something that will make them happy.”

When they pick the color (or multiple colors) let them paint their own hands and make their print.  Who cares if it’s not perfect!

Have the child cut it out and glue it.  Have them sign their own name.

No one is fooled when the child gives a perfect handprint and perfect cut outs with then name and date neatly written.

However, when the child fully participates, they show pride in the gift and take ownership in it.  It is much appreciated by the parents as well when their child put so much work into it.

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