Book of the week-Santa Mouse

Santa Mouse Title: Santa Mouse

Author: Michael Brown

Illustrator: Elfrieda De Witt

Summary: A story about a mouse, a piece of cheese, and Santa Clause. 

Review:  I have been reading this book since I was a young child.  It was most likely in my childhood library because my mom used to collect mice (figurines, not actual mice). 

This book is one that I cherish and love.  I love it so much that I actually have TWO copies of it.  The first is one that will be passed onto our children.  It is the very same one that I read so many times as a child.

The second, my husband gave to me while we were dating after hearing my stories about this book.  He had found it at the book store and bought it for me.  I cherish this one just as much because of the meaning behind it.  I still, as an adult who has no children to read it to, read this book every year at this time.

It’s fun, it’s charming, the pictures are classic and stand the test of time, it a simple story.

You will, after reading this story, begin to leave a bit of cheese alongside Santa’s milk and cookies…you just won’t be able to resist.


(Now, you know that I usually will leave a picture of both the author and illustrator.  I can’t find a picture anywhere of them.  If you have a picture, please let me know and send it to me)

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