A great recommendation

With all the hurricanes and other natural disasters that we experience (fire season is coming upon those of us in California again), I am always on the look out for information that will help teachers and parents help children cope in these stressful times.

These situations are stressful for us as adults who know what is going on. Imagine a child who has no idea what is going on and can see and sense the tension and stress in those who are supposed to be their rock in these times. It's scary.

Well, I found a great place to help. Sesame Street! Go figure! Sometimes, through all the commercialization, I forget that they really can be very helpful and very developmental. The link I gave you sends you to a page that has a few videos and some great downloadable papers and workbooks. These come in both Spanish and English and there are things for the adults and children. It's all free! That's another great things about this. It truly is just out there to help you out.

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