Cultural Dolls

There are times when you order something thinking it's going to be great. We did just that a few months ago with these cultural dolls.
It's not that they aren't great, it's that I could tell as soon as we took them out that they weren't going to last long. They were made of that plastic that you just know is going to crack and split with just a little bit of use.
Besides the facts that they put these shoes on them and what I can only assume were supposed to be socks. They were really just two pieces of netting sewn together. And, with this same netting, they sewed two pieces together and put it on the "girl" dolls in an attempt (I can only imagine) to give the underwear. I found it odd that it was only placed on the female dolls. If you are going to make this attempt, wouldn't you put it on all of them?
Needless to say, we put this in the classroom that we know takes the best care of their toys (oddly enough that is out toddler classroom) and they are doing a better than I expected; but they are definitely not great. It's the type of plastic that is hard and thin; so when it's stepped on it just stays indented and doesn't bounce back.
We payed more than we should have, but less than we would have had we used a different company. So, the lesson is this: Buy toys from places that you know makes a quality doll. Spend the extra money, it's well worth it.

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