Book of the Week-Glad Monster Sad Monster

Ed Emberley, a favorite author of mine. I was first introduced to him through Big Green Monster; a definite toddler favorite. When I was looking for some more books from him, I came across this one: "Glad Monster Sad Monster" which is excellent. Especially in a preschool setting.
Children go through so many emotions; and many times they go through many of these emotions at school. He does such a fabulous job of discussing these emotions at a preschoolers level. They can really get a grasp on these feelings they are experiences (or have experienced in the past).
The unique design of the book helps the children become interested in the book and participate. Be sure there is a mirror close by as there is a "mask" to try on with each page.
The only draw back is that it is difficult for a four year old to manipulate by his or herself; the pages will easily tear out left to themselves. (You didn't hear it here, but that may be best if you want to let them explore it on their own). However, if you want to make sure the book stays in one piece, use it at circle time. Show them how to use two people (one to hold and one to "wear" the mask) and make the rule that at least two children have to use the book at once. This would make a great social skill.
My only other complaint is that (say it with me) there is no picture of the author!!! So, here you go:

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