Transition Activities-Put them in boxes

Today is a great transition activity. We have talked before about moving children in groups and slowly. So, here is a great way to dismiss from circle one at a time, or any other gathering time. This is a transition activity that moves pretty quickly, so it's not appropriate for going to hand washing. The best time to use this is after circle time or when they need to line up at the door.

First, have the children climb into imaginary boxes. Show them what it should look like. Then call out this rhyme to each child and have them respond:

Teacher: " (name) in a box, so quiet and still; won't you come out?"
Child: Jumps up and responds, "Of course I will!"

The child is then allowed to go find an activity to do or line up or whatever.

Helpful hint, if someone is really wiggly in their box, call them next! Also, remind any of those heads that pop up, "stay in your box". If you call the wiggly ones first, they are more likely to stay longer next time; plus you won't get frustrated with them wiggling about.

I have the experience of children hopping up and moving to the side of the room that I called the last child; so I have found that if I randomly call different children, they are most likely going to stay in their spot instead of hopping around where they will no doubt step on someone accidentally.

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