Sorry I've been gone

It has been very hectic this last week both professionally and personally. We will be back on track next week...I promise...While you are waiting...

...if you are an administrator or such in San Diego area, there is a group page you can be a part of just click the Yahoo link on the sidebar to apply. This is a great place to communicate with each other. I know as an administrator sometimes it feels like you are alone. Especially those of you who are are directors at lone centers.

I think I have an advantage being part of an agency because I always have other directors that are available to call when I have questions or just need to vent. I also have to added benefit to having my husband in the field; but sometimes even that is frustrating since he is in the Master Teacher role (still a teacher but also in admin). Even he just doesn't get it sometimes.

I feel for all directors out there that don't have other directors to turn to...you can turn to me. Just shoot me over an email. I'm a great listener; and, when you want it, and advice giver. Sometimes it just feels good to vent though.

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