Dramatic Play Ideas-Camping

I have been in many classrooms. Some are great all around, some excel in one area and hurt in others, some have spurts of good ideas. The toughest area seems to be the dramatic play area. Some combine this with home living. I'm okay either way.

This week I went into a classroom and was curious when I walked into the closet and saw two Styrofoam pieces (obviously from a box that held some sort of appliance like a toaster oven or small microwave). Well, they were both painted red and one had a hole cut in it that was filled with black pipe cleaners (looked like jail bars). I was trying to figure out what it was and what the teachers could possible use it for.

The next day, I was spending time evaluating the environment and saw this:

They were doing a camping scene in the dramatic play. As you can see, the red thing I couldn't figure out...a barbecue! Very creative! Very nice! The children cooked eggs. The shelf had a mat on it so they could lay down and feel like they were camping. There was a fire pit and even a box made into a "lake" to go fishing in. On the hooks hang binoculars that the teacher and children made as well.

Very well done! Very creative! And the children were having so much fun!

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