Book of the Week-Mean Soup

Mean Soup by Betsy Everitt is a great book for all children. This is another great way to help children manage their anger (perfect to go along with the series of posts I am writing). The pictures are a bit strange for my taste; actually some of them are just downright scary for the children. However, it makes up for it in the story. This is a great book to help curb a child's anger and to give them something productive to do with that anger. I would highly suggest it for any classroom as well as for any child who is having trouble controlling his or her anger.
A great activity that I have seen from a teacher at circle: The children were already familiar with the book from previous readings. So, she tells the story without the book and gets a cauldron (she picked it up around Halloween time). The children take turns yelling into the pot and passing it around the circle. Then they each take a turn "stirring" it. This is a great way to help them put it into action.

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