Mother's Day

Mother's day is always on a Sunday; but we always seem to do something for mom's on the Friday before. This year we kept it pretty low-key. Each classroom made a special gift for the mothers. One class made crowns and a book of pictures both drawn and from the camera. Then, when the mother's came in, they took a picture with their child wearing their crowns. The pictures will be given to them Monday morning.

Another class made a card with questions answered by the children about their moms: What's your mom's name; how old is your mom; what color hair; what does she like to eat; what makes her happy. What was interesting about this was that almost every child responded "Me!" or "Taking me to the park" or something that involved doing things with them...ain't it the truth!

The last class (out oldest) made picture frames with hand prints in the center. They turned out very nice.

At my husband's center, they have Muffins for Moms.

What do you do at your centers?

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