Book of the Week-Everyone Poops

This is a book that many people have at least heard of: Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi. There are those who thing it is absurd and won't even pick it up; then the other extreme find it absolutely hilarious and love it. I fall closer to the later side, but not quite finding it hilarious. It's a great book. So many times we have children who won't go to the bathroom because they get the message that pooping is dirty.
This book makes it okay to poop. It's a natural thing. Everyone does it. As it says in the end "All living things eat, so everyone poops!" That is so true. The more comfortable we make children about their bodily functions, the easier it is for them to transition into different things. Poop is natural. This also give them a natural way to talk about this function; making it less likely to be discussed at the lunch table.
Do you have a child who is reluctant to potty train? How about a child who freaks out every time they have to go poop? This book helps them understand that it's okay; it's natural and everyone does it. Children need to know that it's okay.
Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a picture of the author...you know what I think of this. So, if anyone has a picture or is able to find one, please send it to me.

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