Math essential

We know that every classroom should have puzzles and math activities no matter what the age group. In my opinion (professional at that) I think every classroom should have one of these or one of these or, better yet, both! The second of these is perfect for an infant toddler classroom. They can't choke on the pieces, and they can't miss in putting them in the wrong hole. They fit in all the holes! The long pieces are great for little hands to grasp as well. As the children get older, they can be introduced to this one pictured here. With the four different shapes there is a 25% chance that the pieces will fit into an appropriate hole. Eventually, as they age, they will begin to sort by color and size. They can also sort in short simple patterns. These are great for spacial relations, geometric shapes, color awareness, coordination, seriation, measurements, and even logic! And yes, the children will stack them and roll them, and build with them too; and that's okay! I am a very firm believer that this is a tool that every classroom should have in a preschool setting, every age from 0-4 years.

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