Book of the Week-Fox Tale Soup

Here is a book I recently discovered; one which I can use as an extension to my stone soup curriculum. Fox Tale Soup by Tony Bonning; illustrated by Sally Hobson. This book takes a unique twist to a classic story: animals! And who would farm animals trust less than a fox? When they finish the soup and he leaves, of course they invite him back for more stone soup whenever he would like! The use of a sly fox adds to this tale. The bold colors used in the pictures add to the tale as well. This is a great book for group reading and one on one time. It is also great to expand on the stone soup curriculum; showing children books with the same story written/interpreted by different authors is a great social awareness.

Again, with not picture of the author or illustrator, I am cutting down your work (but only in half). Here is a picture of Tony Bonning:

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