How do you treat birthdays?

We don't celebrate birthdays in our center. For the most part, parents are okay with this when we explain our view points. If they really must do something, we ask them to bring a healthy snack (apples and peanut butter, real fruit bars, and trail mix are popular).

So, how do treat birthday's at your center?


Janet said...

We ask parents to plan a curriculum activity for the children. Bubbles are the most popular for our parents. However we have had one parent do an obstacle course and a dad came in and they built a birdhouse for the classroom together (sanding, hammering, and painting it together).

Nikki said...

We ask the parents to donate their child's favorite book to the school. We put their name and the date on the inside cover so they will alwasy be remembered. This way our library grows as well! If a parent can't afford to donate a book we let them bring in their favorite book to share at circle time.