Construction set

I have a few dad's in my center who work in construction. So, when I saw this item I knew it would be perfect for some of the children in our center. I can actually name off 4 children off the top of my head who will greatly enjoy this. I was pleasantly surprised when it came yesterday to see how good it actually is. There are so many fabulous parts and the pieces all look sturdy enough for the classroom. There are some very small parts, so this will probably never see the inside of my 2 year old classroom; but my threes and fours will have a blast with this. I'm sure some of the smaller parts may bend and break eventually; but I consider that reasonable wear and tear.
Now my praise for Discount School Supply: Their orders always come very fast! The order was put in Friday and the entire order was delivered yesterday. That's less than 2 business days! When the order came I went through everything. one of the tractors had the bucket broken off. I contribute this to the shipping and handling. The boxes were pretty beat up when they got here and the set was at the bottom corner of one of the boxes, so I am sure that this is where the damage happened. When I called to let them know, I was planning on them just sending me the replacement tractor. No, they are sending me an entire new set! I don't have to send back the set I just received either. Now that's customer service! I have experienced the same thing with other orders in the past with Discount and have always been impressed.

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