Okay, there is a personal reason for this post. Today is my husband's and mine 2 year wedding anniversary. I decided to give you some helpful tips for the classroom that will touch on this. When I was preparing for our wedding it just so happened that there was a classroom full of 4 year old girls who were enchanted by weddings. Of course, this was encouraged by Disney and the princesses; but I was at least able to give them some realities of weddings. In the library, we put wedding magazines and planner books. The parents and teachers from the center also brought in pictures from their weddings. With these pictures, we displayed them around the classroom as well as put them in a book to be looked through; a photo album. The best part was having the pictures of the parents, it was a great touch for the children to see their parents on wedding day.
This also helped show different culutral aspects...no two wedding pictures were the same. I would strongly encourage you to incorporate this into the classrooms. This would give a realistic look at weddings and marriages rather than the Disney version. It's also a great way to get parents involved in the classrooms!

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