Book of the week-Hug!

I was introduced to this book about 5 years ago by my assistant teacher at the time. I fell in love with it immediately! There is only one word in the entire book. Want to guess what it is? "Hug" by Jez Alborough is an amazingly descriptive book for only having the word hug on every page. The pictures truly tell the story. A young chimpanzee look all around his world and sees all sorts of animal parents and children hugging...and comments on what he sees. However, as the book goes on, you can see the distress on his face; obviously looking for his own hug. In the end, he gets what he needs, a hug from his mommy! This is obviously a book that is easily memorized, but it is also easily memorizing. I can spend hours reading this over and over to any child who wants to hear it; children spend their time looking at this book over and over. It is a great book! I want to thank Jez Alborough for writing and illustrating this fabulous gem to any library.

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