Things Homemade Friday-Toddler blocks

Toddlers love to build and break down. It's part of being a toddler. However, the wood blocks are not safe for this purpose. Yes you can buy cardboard and foam block sets, but you can also make them yoursefl! These are perfect for stacking up and breaking down. Throw balls at them, run through them, kick them! And you don't care if they get all smashed up because they hardly cost you anything! It's very simple:

Take 1/2 gallon cartons (empty milk, orange juice, etc...)

I've also use the smaller copacitie's too (quart, pints, etc...)

Make sure to clean them out real well. And let them dry very well too! This is important. I will even leave them in the sun for 3 days just to make sure they are very dried out!

This next step is up to you how you handle it. I like to cut two of the four top sides so when I tape them down it makes a real sturdy closing. I know others who just completly cut the tops off and others who cut each diagonally so that the four sides meet in the middle.

After you cut the top to your preference, I like to fill it with crumpled newpaper. This gives the blocks a little bit of weight and stability, but again this is not necessary. Then tape the end down so that you now have a brick like shape.

Then get some colorful contact paper and wrap them up!

These are also great outside with older kids. They like to build them up into walls and run their bikes through them. It's okay because they can't really hurt them or anything else.

It's also a pretty easy project to collect for because you can usually get parents to bring them in. One time I actually made a whole block set using cartons and frozen juice cans, cracker boxes, and pretty much and food container I could find that was lightweight.

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