The view from my desk

I completed my wall of pictures project. This is now what I am looking at across from my desk. It's hard to see from the slideshow, but it is awsome in person! All the pictures are black and white; I was easily able to print them from my printer/copier and they turned out very well. Each picture is of one child doing something, not just a still face shot. It has already been a huge hit! Parents have come by my office just to admire it, as word spreads quickly. It is also a great thing to be looking at all day.

I have a huge white board right across from my desk with notes that I need to be looking at, my way of staying organized and keeping the teachers informed without having to get up and tell them every time a parent calls (we don't have phones in our classrooms). And I have a radio on the top left there. This is literally the only wall I can use to hang things on because the outside walls in our building are all brick, and some interior walls as well. Anyway, this has really added to the environment in my office and I am glad I did it. It's nice looking up and seeing those smiling faces; it reminds me why I'm here when things get tough.

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