Have your students been restless lately? Some of our have. Plus I have been too. I am a strong believer in the phases of the moon. When it's full or new, there tends to be a restlessness in the air; both are different types. When there is a full moon, it's almost like there needs to be chaos for chaos sake; you know, I have to knock down his tower because I want to break something and hear someone cry. Versus a new moon, it's like they just can't get settled; this is the I can't even sit the entire time to eat my breakfast I have to stand I have to sit I have to lay down I have to stand again! I noticed myself being a bit restless on sunday but just thought it was from sitting cooped up in the house the day before working at the computer all day.
However, then I saw my stepson, and he was just as restless as me. Trying to be funny just to be funny; full of the jokes and the pranks, needing to cause disruption at every turn (and mind you he is 22!...that's years!). So that's when I turned to see what the moon looked like. Well, it's not really that.
Then last night, I'm talking to my husband and the world shakes a bit. This morning on the radio, there was a report of a total of 4 earthquakes throughout the night, basically all centered around the same area in Baja. It only took me all day to figure out that it was all related! No wonder everyone has been antsy pantsy the last few days. With all that energy building up in the earth! It makes complete sense!
How have your kids been the past few days?

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Ashely said...

I didn't think about it either until I read this, but you're right! I have been real out of sorts the past couple days, trying to pick fights with my husband and everything. He'll be glad to hear that it's just crazy earthquake activity. Add to that my toddlers have been literally climbing the walls! It has been less today too, maybe you're right!