Another Recal!

There have been a lot of recalls lately. The majority of them have been for lead paint. I told you a while ago about the recalled paint brushes. This week it is a growth chart. What's nice is that the suppliers keep track of the things that we have bought in the past years so they notify us personally. I have taken to checking this site daily to see what else is recalled. There are things that parents will donate to the center that have been on that list. There have also been things that I know the parents have bought and so I post it for them.
Apparently it's the black paint on this item. Of course, the only danger to the children is if they are licking the paint, but you never know! I can say that we purchased this so long ago that it is no longer in use anyway. I will probably not be calling the 800 number for my refund. We got good use out of it, we used it enough to make it worth the cost. It wouldn't be right of me to ask for that refund.

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