Responsible dealers

We got these in the mail the other day from Discount school supply. Why? Well, these were reacalled for high levels of paint in the handles, so they did the responsible thing and offered a replacment. The great thing about it is that we had ordered these shaving paintbrushes so long ago, before I was even here, that half of them were either tossed or no good anyway. I have to give Discount School Supplies a big star for being so resonsible that they went back into their past orders and contacted us. When I called, they even knew how many I had previously ordered. So, they sent us two sets of the stubby chubby brushes to replace the shaving brushes.
I have to say, the stubby chubby brushes are great! They are a great size and perfect for making globs of paint on easel paper. I'm anxious to see how well they hold up in the classroom, but I have a feeling that these will soon become a classroom favorite!

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