Curriculum Ideas-Rainy Pictures

It's raining here today, it's actually been raining pretty steadily off and on for the past 2 weeks. I love the rain! I know, inside with a full classroom...ahhh!!!! However, we make do. We run between the rain drops, go on puddle walks when it stops, and make do. On very fun activity to do is to make rain pictures. There are two ways to do this. One easy way is to get a big sheet of butcher paper, sprinkle on dry tempura powder, and when it rains, watch what happens. This is great outside the classroom window/door for the children to watch.
The other way to do this is more child involved:
Have each child draw a picture with markers. After they have drawn their picture, hang it out in the rain, or place it on the ground. I let my children decide which they want to do. While it rains, they can watch what happens to their pictures. It turns a regular marker drawing into one that looks like a water color painting. It's really cool.
Again, make sure they can see this from the classroom window or door so that they can observe what is happening!

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